A&S Financial Services, LLC

For over 25 years, A&S has been a healthcare industry leader providing cost containment products to entities at risk for healthcare costs.

The Healthcare Strategies division was established in 1991 to better reflect its emphasis on the retrospective repricing products and at-risk utilization management for large clients. A&S created this special division to work with clients to help them reduce costs for their non-network health claims. Throughout the years, A&S expanded its many special relationships with local, national, and international PPOs.

A&S is affiliated with more than 200 networks, including those covering Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and most of South America. A&S is proud to be a long standing member of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) since 1991.

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Health Care
Cost Containment

Allows clients to reduce the unpredictablity of out -of- network claims by providing great discounts on all claims.


A&S performs bill reviews for outpatient and inpatient claims with average savings between 30-50%.

& Abuse

Health claims are first checked for a series of changes that are deemed inappropriate.


A&S has an experienced team contacting providers to negotiate a reasonable settlement.


A&S helps patients minimize their costs, protect their credit histories, and settle with their providers quickly.

Workers Comp
Claim Management

A&S has many discounts that are better than state mandated schedules.


26 years of experience working with clients to assist in proper network alignment in various areas.

Online Billing

A&S is proud to announce the first 'point-and-click', custom built client payment procedure in the industry.


A&S works with case management companies assisting them in obtaining a discount prior to admission.


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